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DOCTORCOS Silicone Skin Mask Online

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  • 💦 Powerful Lifting Effect: Centered with 22 torque bands, it’s the only product on the market for effective full face lifting. From the forehead & eye area to the chin line, our silicone mask lifts everything at once. This three-dimensional 3D line method face repositioning rearranges 11 facial muscles to adjust face bilateral symmetry balance & tighten sagging skin.
  • 💦 Principle: It stimulates the unused muscles and blood circulation of the entire face in the direction that lifts the skin, creating elasticity and smooth facial lines, similar to stimulating skin muscles with fingers when receiving skin care. The entire face line is managed with just one silicone mask, no need to pull too hard.
  • 💦 Effectiveness: 
    V Shaped Slimming Face Mask, for Facial wrinkles,
    Double Chin Reducer V Line Lifting Mask Neck Lift Taping Effect
    Face Slimmer Silicon For Firming and Tightening Full Face Skin
    Chin Neck V Shaped Lift Tape
    Face Slimming Strap Chin Up V Up Contour
  • 💦 Reusable & Safe for sensitive skin: Reusable advanced lifting mask made of 100% medical Silicon material. Ultra-adherent and safe silicone material for lifting from V-line to eye line. After use, wash well and dry before storing. As you use it, gradually tighten the strap as you feel your facial line rearranged.
  • 💦 How to Use: For the first 2 weeks, if you are concerned about sagging, use it 4x or more. After 2 weeks, once a desired position is established, 1-2 times a week for maintenance. Recommended use based on age group: -20s: once or twice a week -30s: 2-3 times a week -40s: 3-4 times a week -50s~: Every day


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Romina V.

DOCTORCOS Silicone Skin Mask Online


Torn on arrival, emailed 2 days ago, no response
Still no response...much later 6/19/23


Feel it helps

Moshe Nagar

Hello, i didn't recivd the mask. can u help me find out where it is?


The first time I use really works but the secon time is broken Can you replace please