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  • Face Hydration

    ORIGINAL SLEEPING MASK PACK - Our Globally. Apply the cream in a thick layer and sleep without washing it off for extra hydration.

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  • Face Line Remodeling

    BEAUTIFUL FACE SHAPING- Restores sagging chin line, noticeable reduction in facial wrinkles, aids in absorption of facial products.

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  • Cleansing & Peeling

    REMOVES IMPURITIES IN SKIN- Removes blackhead, make up cleanser, pore minimizer, daily deep exfoliating soft scrub peeling black head remover, Dead skin cell Scrub, leaves the skin smooth

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  • Poreless Magic!!

    This product is absolutely phenomenal. It far exceeded my expectation for a night mask! It works like magic, as I know that no matter what has happened during the day, I will wake up with smooth, glowing and poreless skin, with severely diminished breakouts! I like to mix mine with Vitamin C powder for extra scar-fading properties. Do you skin a favor and get this!!


  • So cool, I've never tried anything like it

    I've never tried a product quite like this before, and I'm an esthetician, I've tried a lot of products! This feels a little like a scrub when first applied, but you leave it on like a mask and it gives you a nice gentle peel. When you wash it off, you feel all the dead skin cells sloughing away. It smells great...


  • Surprised at the quality:

    I'm surprised by these reviews as this product is great quality. Have not seen any other supplier have a heavy duty silicone face mask. It is very strong and mostly using for sheet masks not lift. The ones all over amazon are very flimsy and break. The extra price is worth it to me.Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

    -Eva B