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DOCTORCOS Snow White Water Glow Mask Cream 3.71 oz Online

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Over 8M Units Sold | Original Moisturizing Washless Sleeping Pack | Skin Rejuvenation and Hydration | Daily Self Skin Care, Korean Beauty

  • šŸ’¦ ORIGINAL SLEEPING MASK PACK - Our Globally-famous Snow White Water Glow Mask can be used as a daily cream, face mask, or sleeping pack. Apply the cream in a thick layer and sleep without washing it off for extra hydration.
  • šŸ’¦ POTENT INGREDIENTS - Full of nourishing active ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, vitamin E, green tea extract, and epidermal growth factor (EGF) to moisturize, calm, and reduce the look of age on the skin.
  • šŸ’¦ DEEP HYDRATION - Retains moisture for up to 120 hours! Use it: when your skin feels dry as the season changes, after outdoor exercise to restore moisture & skin stability, indoors when your skin loses elasticity from the heater, in dry places such as in airplanes or saunas.
  • šŸ’¦ CLINICALLY PROVEN RESULTS - Created by a team of dermatologists and went through a process of 7 clinical tests to prove efficacy for: moisture endurance, reducing eye wrinkles, improving dermal tightness, pore improvement, lowering skin temperature, and skin irritation.
  • šŸ’¦ HOW TO USE:
    In 20ā€™s: Once or 2x a week as a sleeping pack for moisturized, energetic skin.
    In 30ā€™s: 3x a week as a sleeping pack to prevent sagging skin caused by dryness.
    40 ā€˜s~ 50ā€™s: Use as a sleeping pack 3+ times a week and as a day cream to prevent deepening wrinkles in advance.
    60+: Use as a daily sleeping pack. If using in conjunction with other creams, apply Snow White Water Glow Mask over other products to create a layer of moisture.


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DOCTORCOS Snow White Water Glow Mask Cream 3.71 oz Online