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DOCTORCOS Super Lifting Skin Corset Mask Ampoule (3.38 oz)

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Face Moisturizer | Neck Firming Serum | Korean Skincare Products

  • 💦WRINKLE CARE DAY AND NIGHT SERUM: Our moisturizing ampoule addresses multiple signs of aging skin in just 1-2 weeks. The formula reduces wrinkles, re-firms contours, brightens skin, smooths roughness and deeply hydrates for younger-looking skin. Apply to areas of concern for a more firm, lifted complexion. It instantly smoothes skin texture, and provides essential moisture to keep skin hydrated and healthy. Use twice daily in your skin care routine or apply before use with our corset mask.
  • 💦COUNTERACTS AGING SYMPTOMS: As skin interacts with the environment, visible symptoms such as uneven skin tone, elastin degradation, lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin appear. Niacinamide, Peptide Complex, and Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer for Face Essencial ceramides. our ampoule helps quench dryness while visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles & sagging skin, revitalizes dull skin, and encourages healthy collagen & skin elasticity.
  • 💦SLOWS DOWN THE AGING PROCESS: Apple stem cells promote regeneration of skin cells, which stimulate the facial skin to produce new skin cells and repair the damaged cells. Ultimately, the effects are a more balanced the skin tone, deeply hydrated skin, increased vitality, and a reduction in fine lines & wrinkles.
  • 💦ENHANCED ELASTICITY, FIRMNESS & VOLUME: Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline stimulates the synthesis of collagen, and is an overall active ingredient for wrinkle correction, moisturization, and triple firming action (collagen fiber contraction, protection of dermal supporting tissue, protection from free radicals). This is important since the body produces less and less collagen with age. DPHP moisturizes, strengthens, and rejuvenates the skin which helps to recover volume, suppleness, and former tone.
  • 💦MOISTURE PROTECTION & WRINKLE PREVENTION: Antarcticine C is a glycoprotein naturally derived from the Antarctic. It protects the skin against dryness & cold weather (thanks to its cryo-protective properties), and helps regenerate the skin to reduce wrinkles formed during the aging process. It helps boost collagen production, increase elasticity, and adds hydrating volume by stimulating dermal protein synthesis.


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