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New Absolute Face Balance Aqua Glow Mask (2.02 OZ) Online

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DOCTORCOS 4th Water glow mask for Anti-wrinkle, Amazing Hydration, Moisturizer & Tightened Skin

  • 💦 #1 SHEET-FREE MASK RE-FORMULATED - The same skincare mask pack you love UPGRADED! The pudding texture fills the skin with *moisture, nutrition, and creates a moisture barrier* on the skin for optimum skin elasticity & firmness!
  • 💦 GOLD LABEL INGREDIENTS - Full of the same *nourishing active ingredients* like Hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and vitamin E. Added Antarsticine, Elhibine, Sepilift, Apple Stem Cells, and Argirelin to increase skin elasticity and diminish wrinkles & sagging skin.
  • 💦 EXTREMLY SIMPLE TO USE - Simply apply the liquid mask before going to bed every night. While you are sleeping, this All-In-One cream works miraculously for youthful skin.
  • 💦 CLINICALLY PROVEN RESULTS - *Created by a team of dermatologists *and* *went through a process of 4* additional clinical tests* to prove efficacy *for wrinkle reduction, moisture retention, facial lifting, and skin sensitivity.* *During clinical testing, 2 weeks of use caused *6.03% wrinkle reduction*, and *160% of moisture was retained after 6 hours*!
  • 💦 HOW TO USE - *In 20’s*: Once or 2x a week as a sleeping pack for moisturized, energetic skin. *In 30’s*: 3x a week as a sleeping pack to prevent sagging skin caused by dryness. *40 ‘s~ 50’s*: Use as a sleeping pack 3+ times a week and as a day cream to prevent deepening wrinkles in advance. *60+*: Use as a daily sleeping pack. If using in conjunction with other creams, apply Snow White Water Glow Mask over other products to create a moisturizing barrier.


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